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You can also follow us as we convert a VW Crafter LWB panel van into a Motorcaravan to take us arround the Kite Festivals and kiting events we attend.

Packing and Loading

Friday, 15 April 2011

Having had an early start at work in-order to have a second and successful at installing a new UTM device  (The first attempt had to be rolled back due to a setting in one of the other switches, which hasn't been a problem before, reacting with the new UTM device causing two VLANs to be able to see each other and resulting in both DHCP servers shutting down), I was home by lunchtime and with a couple of hours I had the van packed for this weekend's Jolly Up.

Year 2 Day 37: Good news, bad news (potentially)

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Dropped the van of at the garage this morning and it obviously went straight into the workshop as I was barely into the office before the phone rang. The good news is that despite what the handbook says the problem isn't the Lambda sensor, however the potentially bad news that it is a low output warning from the Cylinder No. 1 glow plug and if they need changing thats a couple of hours work and £10 a piece for the five plugs. The fault has been cleared off of the ECU and hasn't immedialtely come back but the mechanic is going to give the van a bit of a drive to see if it does come back, however their thoughts are that it is due to the van only being moved a couple of metres up and down the drive way that has caused the problem and the engine could do with a good thrashing to clean out any deposits due to it no having reached proper temperature for a while. Fingers crossed it will only cost me for the read of the ECU and a drop of additive to aid the cleaning process.

Year 2 Day 36: I haven't been idle.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Its been nearly 10 days since I last blogged, I haven't been idle but there are only a certain number of times that you can say that you have been varnishing, anyway for the most part that has been what I have been doing, apart from a few days off as a result of a cyst on my back flaring up (I missed Streatham common the first Kite Festival of the season as a result).

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