Welcome to the Ursus Volans Parachute Co here you will find my occasional musings formaly known as 'The World Acccording to Batchoy', plus details of kiting and parafauna related items that I produce and have for sale.

You can also follow us as we convert a VW Crafter LWB panel van into a Motorcaravan to take us arround the Kite Festivals and kiting events we attend.

Year 2 Day 12: Black Mold

Sunday 20 March 2011

Having got the flooring done I made a start this morning on the vanity panel which closes off the area under the sink and hob which houses the water pump and could eventually house a water heater and provides the side wall to the fridge area.

Year 2 Day 11: We have a table

Saturday 19 March 2011

With only a short amount of time available to work on the van I finished fitting the table and gave and adjacent section of wall its final coat of varnish. In theory we now have all the required items in place to apply to have the V5 changed, however I think I shall wait until we are totally finished.

Year 2 Day 10: Flooring and wasted time.

Friday 18 March 2011

My last days holiday, we have a use it or lose it policy at works so I needed to use up my final day be for the end of the month, plus I needed to wind down after the stress of yesterday's ISO accreditation audit. The first job of the day was to finish trimming the flooring.

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