Day 29: More Frames and Insulation Installation

Monday 5 April 2010

Thanks to the router, the third frame was made and installed by 10:00am. Unfortunately I only have enough clamps to hold one frame at a time so although the remaining two frames were made by lunchtime they will have to be installed over the next couple of days.

With all the woodworking done (at least for the moment) the garage was swepted to clear up all the dust and shavings created by the router, after which a start was made on installing the insulation. Initially I am concentrating on insulating the areas around the window frames so that inset plywood window surrounds can be fitted. Once these panels are in place the windows can be installed and the van made water tight once more.

Fitting the insulation is proving relatively straight forward, the main thing that I have discovered is that the Airtec Insulation needs to formed and trimmed before any adhesive is used.  Due to the aluminium content of the insulation, it holds its from fairly well, and it is then just a case of applying adhesive to the van wall and the insultation, leaving it to become tacky before putting the insulation in place. Something else I have noticed is that one side of the insulation is flatter than the other and thus this the preferred surface for the adhesive.


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