Day 32: Last of the Glue and the First Panel

Thursday 8 April 2010

When I collected the plywood, it went in the van in the order in which it was packed and as a result the thick ply which I will need last was on the top and the thin ply which I will need first was on the bottom, plus there was little by way of support under the ply and the poorly supported thin sheets have shown signs of warping. Thus the first job of the evening was to shunt the plywood arround to get it into a more apporpiate order and to get some more substantial supports underneath.

With van swept and the ply suitably rearranged a start was made on replicating the damaged lower sliding door panel in ply. This proved relatively quick and easy thanks again to the router. The panel was first rough cut using a jigsaw, then using the orginal panel as a template and a guided trimmer bit in the router the edge of the plywood trimmed to match. The holes where then punched through using a 10mm wood bit.

Whilst working on the panel I noticed that the original one has a Mercedes Benz partnumber on the reverse side and not a VW one, still the Crafter and the Sprinter do come out of the same factory.

By this point it was starting to get dark so I moved into the van and insulated the section of the wall panel around the the frame that was fitted last night. Luckily I had enough contact adhesive to fit the insulation. Its surpising how quickly a litre of contact adhesive has been used up, though I have my suspisions as to how much solvent was lost during shipping due to the lid popping on the tin. Anyway I ordered a 5l can of the same stuff this morning and I am hoping it will arrive tomorrow, however even if it doesn't I have enough to be getting on with over the weekend, and with Leng back at work next week I will be limited on what I will be able to do in the evenings.


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