Day 34: Door Inset Panel and Window Panels

Saturday 10 April 2010

The template worked surprisingly well, I had little to trim off the door inset panel in order to get it to fit. More problematical however was the door handle, I had missed the fact that the inset panel reduced access to the handle by half. So in order not to end up chaffing our knuckles I had to insert a cutaway in the corner of the panel.

With the cutaway constructed the inset panel received the first of three coast of varnish. I want to get the panel fully varnished before I install it. Luckily the varnish, despite being water based, only takes a couple of hours to dry sufficiently to recoat so I should still be able to fit both the panel and its window tomorrow.

Less problematic were the window panels, it was just a case of measuring trimming and cutting. Once again however the lack of clamps slowed the process as I can only stick one panel at a time to the frames.

Still by the end of the day I had all the panels bar the one for the toilet and the door inset panel glued in place.


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