Day 35: Windows

Sunday 11 April 2010

We have now have a watertight van once again as all the winows are in. The first job of the day was a final  coat of varnish on the door inset panel after which all the other panels were trimmed back to their associated frame using the router.

With the van full of sawdust from the routing it was time for a sweep out and a vacuum. With the floor cleared the van was pulled forward and we commenced on the windows, first it was a case of cleaning down the paint work and removing the adhesive residue from the duck tape, next the residue from the white spirit needed cleaning off then it was on with the windows. Before the outer sections were inserted a 10-15mm bead of non-setting bedding mastic was applied as indicated in the Seitz fitting instructions. With Leng holding the outer window sections in place I screwed the inners in taking care not to over tighten the screws and strip the plastic. One thing that I did notice was that as I worked around the windows the previously tight screws were loose and needed further tightening. I am assuming and hoping that this was the bedding mastic easing in under the pressure of the screws.

Midmorning the door inset panel was glued in which meant by the end of  the afternoon it was ready for routing and the window fitting, completing the window work. Whilst the van was drawn forward the opportunity was taken to clean and prime a few minor stone chips on the side panels.


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