Day 39: Finished

Thursday 15 April 2010

No I haven't finished the van, a bit if wishful thinking there, but I have finished the side door. With the window and insulation in place, the replacement door panels were clipped in this evening.

I had considered gluing the panels in so that there were no visible fixings but there is so much by way of door mechanisum behind both the top and bottom panels that I thought it to be tempting fate to do anything but use clips.

With the van secure once more I have made a start on removing the bulkhead, unfortunately whilst most of the securing screws are in the payload area, the ones along the bottom are in the cab behind the seats. I have been able to remove the ones behind the driver's seat but those behind the passenger seat are problematic as I  can't get my arm down. I am hoping Leng will be able to remove these ones otherwise I will need to remove the seat and it is not just a case of removing a few bolts, there is a whole lot of wiring involved as well.

The glue that I ordered last week has not arrived to I am going the give Wayside Adhesives a chase tomorrow, I am also waiting for Wayside (a different one) to say that my touch up paint is in, when I took the car in on Wednesday I took the opportunity to drop into the Wayside VW dealership in Letchworth, they are part of the same group as the commercial vehicle centre in Dunstable but only deal in cars so the paint has had to be ordered in.

Meantime its back to finishing off the bears until Saturday when we will be back to the work on the van.


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