Day 41: Bye-bye Bulkhead

Saturday 17 April 2010

With the van secure once more having fitted the windows last weekend, we removed the bulkhead this morning, or more correctly we removed the bottom section of the bulkhead, it being in four sections.

We decided to leave the top corner and center sections in place as a support for the cupboards we intend to fit and for the control panel for the electrical system.
All the screws apart from one proved easy to remove, they are an interesting large headed Torx self tapping screw. The problem screw was one of the bottom edge ones which were located on the cab side of the panel behind the seats, the limited access meant that only Leng could take them out. In the end having rounded the Torx socket I resorted to the angle grinder.

The afternoon was spent constructing the frame for the rooflight, and adhering subsidiary ceiling supports between the roof ribs. These were stuck in place using FC-40 PU adhesive and supported in place whilst with a combination of PSE timber, cargo straps and gaffer tape.

The 24 hour curing time of the FC-40 is a real pain as it limits how much can be done, and makes supporting the item being glued essential, however the eventual strength of the joint is worth the the hassle.


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