Day 42: A Productive Day

Sunday 18 April 2010

Having had what felt like an un-productive day yesterday (though the blog entry would suggest otherwise), today looked as if it was going to be just as unproductive as I used up all my 25mm x 50mm PSE yesterday afternoon after the timber yard had closed.
Unfortunately the 25mm x 50mm PSE from Wickes measures 18mm x 44mm where as the timber from the yard comes in at 20.5mm x 44mm and it is the additional thickness I am after. Additionaly it comes in 2.4m lengths from Wickes whereas the timber yard has 4.2m lengths.

The first job of the day was to get the remaining ceiling supports in along with the rooflight frame. In order to save time and difficulty later on I predrilled the rooflight frame to allow cable to be threaded through, unfrotunately I managed to install the frame the wrong way round so I need to drill them in situ anyway.

With the supports in, I moved on to replicating the rear door panels. These were again done in quick succession thanks to the router with trimming bit, and the ability to use the orgianal panels as templates. By the end of the day had I managed them sanded and two of the three coats of varnish on.

The penultimate job was to get two of the four ceiling panels cut, in particular the on containing the hole for the rooflight (seen in the first picture stacked against the door). Finally I started laminating planks of waste 6mm ply (seen at the bottom of the first picture) to make ceiling backers to support the lights, these will get trimmed and glued in place between the ribs once the insulation is in and before the ceiling goes up.

Having chased them for an ETA for the glue, I had an update from Wayside Adhesives on Friday; hopefully it will arrive on Mondey, thus if I can manage to work in the evenings we should be in a position to get the rooflight fitted next weekend. 


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