Day 43: Adhesive

Monday 19 April 2010

The adhesive arrived this morning as promised, and maybe my neutral feedback on e-bay worked for it was far better packed; the tin was in a box filled with foam cornstartch foam chips and had four lid clips rather than two plus the lid was taped down with packing tape. Unfortunately the can wasn't quite what I had been expecting instead of the 5l oil can style can pictured on Wayside's website it is a 5l paint can style tin.
On opening the can I noted it was far fuller than the 1 litre can I had previously, and when I came to use it tonight, it seemed more liquid so I suspect despite the minimal leakage from the 1l tin a lot more was lost by way of solvents when the lid popped during transit. In order to reduce the solvent loss and because of the size of the tin, I am decanting the glue into a screw top jar for use.

In a couple of hours this evening I managed  to get the last coat of varnish onto the the rear door panels, a 1m length of insulation in across the full width of the roof and re-drilled the holes in the rooflight frame that I installed the wrong way round yesterday. So not a bad days work


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