Day 44: Ceiling Light Supports and more Insulation

Tuesday 20 April 2010

I made a quick trip to the timber yard this lunchtime to pick up some more 25x50mm PSE so that I can complete the ceiling supports over the next couple of days. However today's job was to fit the first of the ceiling backers that will support the light fittings. The current plan is to get these in place so that the first ceiling panel can go up on Thursday.

As I mentioned a couple of days ago I made these backers up by laminating together two pieces of 6mm. My view was that 3mm ceiling ply is too thin to support any lights on it own, particularly the fitting screws and 6mm not stiff enough to span the distance between the ribs and take any weight. So I opted for 12mm ply but wanting to save on funds I saw no point in buying a large sheet of 12mm ply when I have plenty of scrap 6mm from making the window panels that I can glue together.

Holding panels whilst they glued was fun and I ended up using gaffer tape, panel pins as wedges and a portable workbench with a a piece of PSE to keep them in position. This is another downside of PU adhesive, it has very little grap.

It was then on with insulation, so far I have two thirds of the ceiling done and a similar amount of the upper two thirds of the walls. Tonight I was somewhat restricted in what I could insulate due to the strops and temporary supports that are in place for the various bits that are being glued in.


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