Day 45: More of the Same

Wednesday 21 April 2010

Tonight was very much a repeat of last night; four more ceiling supports were glued in (two more to go), as was another ceiling backer and some more insulation. Most importantly I remembered to thread in pull throughs for the ceiling backers that I glued in yesterday.

The plan remains to install the first ceiling panel tomorrow evening, however there is a very small time window in which this can be done in between me arriving home from work and Leng leaving for work. Thus in addition to the insulation work, I did several dry runs with the panel. The first thing I picked up on was the need to trim one corner due to the factory fitted cable ducting down the side of the van (I intend leaving this in place and using it for my wiring as well). The second item was the cable pull throughs, without these installing the wiring later on would have proven impossible.

I suppose I should have purchased the wire and installed it first, but as yet I have not reached a decision on what size to use. I had planned on using 2mm2 standard vehicle wire for the lights. This wire is rated at about 17amps which is overkill for the LED lighting we intend fitting, however just as I was about to order some I got hold of the manual for the power management system I intend to use which includes a power distribution box with individual fuse for each of the circuits. The unit has provision for two lighting circuits both of which are fused at 20amps, which would have potentially meant that the wire could fail before the fuse.

Now I know that I could just fit smaller fuses but the rating is printed on the distribution board, and I wouldn't want somebody else to fit what was printed and have a wiring fire, so I need to redo my shopping list an buy wire with a rating greater than the fuses. Hence I am putting in pull thoughs and not wires.


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