Day 46: Firsts and Lasts

Thursday 22 April 2010

There is always a feeling of achievement about doing the last of something or the first of something. Doing the last of something means you can tick it of the list and you are one step nearer the end, whilst doing the first of something gives a feeling of moving on. Tonight I had both.

As planned the first section of ceiling went up. I have been debating all week as to whether or not to use panel pins or supports to hold the panel in place, and if I used panel pins whether or not I should remove them and fill the holes or to punch them below the surface and fill over the top. In the end it was not my decision as in the end the curve of the ribs dictated that I used panel pins punched below the surface in order to get the panel to follow the contour properly.

Also I managed to get the last of the ceiling supports in place along with the last but three pieces of roof insulation.


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