Day 50: Measuring up

Monday 26 April 2010

With the insulation almost done, and just two sections to be fitted to the ceiling my thoughts have now turned to the floor, however before I can start on the floor I need to get the gas and water tanks fitted since it is likely that they will need bolting on through the van floor. Thus this evening was spent groveling around under the van, with a tape measure a pen and a pad.
My original plan was to mount the water tank under the floor on the offside just behind the driver's seat and the gas tank in a similar position on the nearside, however although there is plenty of room on the offside it is cut short by the position of the exhaust outlet and I don't want to risk the exhaust melting melting the tank so instead of a 140cm long tank I am reduced to one 100cm long. With regard to the nearside the situation is even worse for what space is left after the fuel tank is taken by the side door step, thus I have opted to fit the gas tank between the chassis rails in between the rear axle and the spare wheel.

Having moved indoors I calculate that I can fit a 40l gas tank in the new location, but the water tank is going to need to be custom made. The rest of the evening was spent doing water tank sketches and emailing them to tank makers for quotes.

I also booked to send a couple of parcels to Leng's sister, we are sending her Bon-bon's travel system. I originally planned to send it all in one box, but dimensionally it would have had to go at pallet rate which was over £90 subject to finding someone who would do it retail. However splitting the pushchair and the baby carrier and car base into two boxes the price is down to £35.50 which is 60% cheaper and because it is a two box consignment to the same address 15% cheaper than sending two separate consignments.


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