Day 51:Orders and Quotation Requests

Tuesday 27 April 2010

This morning I  emailed the tank drawing along with a request for a quote to a company with an e-bay shop who also get a good write up on the SBMCC forum, as yet I have had no response but I will give them a couple of days. After that I rang and spoke to a nice chap in their technical department who ran through my shopping list to confirm that I had selected all the items that I need for the gas tank setup, having finalised the list it was simply a case of giving my details to the chap in sales and I should get my bits tomorrow.
I finished off insulating the walls of the van this evening, all that is except for the section behind where the kitchen will be since I know I will have a few holes to cut in the side panel, so that's another tick on the jobs done list.

Meantime Parcel Force turned up an collected the parcels today however despite requesting a collection between 09:00am and 15:00, the driver didn't turn up until 16:00. It then took them an hour and forty five minutes to get from us to the depot in Welwyn Garden City where they are currently languishing, still they are on a 48hour service so they still have time to get to Northern Ireland.


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