Day 53: S*d's Law and Templates

Thursday 29 April 2010

I was up early this morning, I have no idea why, but with the days  much longer now I spent an hour or so before breakfast under the van working out the exact fitting points for the gas tank mount and wouldn't you just know it the fixing holes are in exactly the wrong place.
To give it strength the floor is ribbed and ideally the fixing holes for the gas tank mounting frame would align with the troughs meaning the bolt heads would be below the floor surface when I fitted it. However just as sod's law demands they align exactly with the ridges and it is not as if I can set the frame off centre as it is almost an exact fit between the chassis rails. Oh well it looks like I am going to have to engineer some spacers an put holes in the lower layer of the floor.

This evening was spent making templates for the last two ceiling sections. After half a dozen attempts I finally managed to cut an accurate template to fit around the alarm sensors, from this I was able to create the fullsize templates.

Still no quote for the tank, I think I'll post the drawing to a couple of other tank makers, in the meantime in addition to the ceiling templates I also made a mockup of the tank so at least I can check if it fits. The mockup will also hopefully enable me to get all the mounting holes drilled in readiness for the real thing and to allow work to start on the floor.


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