Day 54: Holes and Primer

Friday 30 April 2010

Having slept on it, I decided to move what holes I could on the gas tank mounting frame, and to open out those where only a slight adjustment was needed. So this evening it was out with the drill and surprisingly my drill bits were either sharper than I thought or the steel frame was a lot softer than expected as the holes went in really easily.

With the frame holes drilled the tank was strapped on and the whole thing coaxed under the van and jacked up into position using baulks of timber and location measurements taken.  Though the timbers were good enough to lift the tank to make measurements I am going to need to track down my trolley jack to lift the tank when it comes to trapping it onto the frame. The measurements were then transferred on to the floor inside the van and using the frame as a jig further holes were drilled.

With little else to do and the need to seal the bare metal of the holes,  a start was made on priming the floor with ant-rust primer. The one part of the van that appears to have had a hard life is the floor. As it had no lining there is quite scratching and some rust on the floor so it needs treating before the conversion floor is fitted. Thus it is a case of washing off the floor with sugar soap, rinsing, drying, removing any rust, sweeping, wiping off with a cleaner/degreaser and then priming with anti-rust primer.


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