Day 55: More thoughts on the tank

Saturday 1 May 2010

Having slept on it again, and considered both the gas and water tanks and the fact there are already distortions in the floor, I have decided to use strengthers inside the van and let them into the lower layer of the floor. In the case of the water tank I have also decided to leave the tops of the mounting bolts accesible should we need to remove the tank for any reason. Anyhow, the first job of the morning having done the weekly shop was to go to the timber yard and pick up the PSE and plywood for the floor and lower sections of the walls. I'm also getting low on PVA glue so I also picked up a litre of waterproof glue for the floor.

While the rain held off (we were due to take the van to Merton Farm Vintage Weekend but with rain forecast for today and tomorrow, I rather be at home where I can work on the van rather than being stuck in it in a field) I got the two remaining roof sections cut and the holes drilled in the floor for the tank. We then made a trip to B&Q to pick up the bolts, threaded rod, and flat and angle iron for the tank supports.

You may have noticed in today's picture strips of wood being glued along the edges of the ceiling panels, something I discovered too late on the first panel is that because the supplementary supports are about 100mm in from the edge the edges of the panel bow upwards. Doubling the thickness of the edge stiffens it enough to prevent the bow.


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