Day 56: Ceiling, Tank Supports and Strengtheners and the Floor

Sunday 2 May 2010

There is one thing about doing a van conversion, it doesn't matter if it is pouring with rain as one can work either in the van or in the garage, and boy did it rain today. Still this morning working in the garage, I cut, drilled, sanded, degreased and primed the gas and water tank spreaders and the water tank supports
Then this afternoon  working in the van we got the last two sections of the ceiling up, before I moved onto the floor, which was swept and washed with sugar soap. I then set to and removed all the rust, sanded the whole floor, and wiped it down with degreaser before painting it with anti-rust primer.

I ended up opening my second tin of primer to finish the floor, and surprisingly despite is being the same brand of primer, from the same shop and on the tin the same colour, it is a wholly different grey as can be seen from photograph of the floor. Still it is only primer.


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