Day 57: Floor Stage I and Gas Tank

Monday 3 May 2010

A day of short sharp showers as a result I seemed to be moving tools and equipment undercover every 5 minutes, however I did manage to complete the first stage of the floor installation and to install the gas tank.
Rather than bond battens directly to the van floor and put the secondary floor on top as so many self builders seem to do, because of the damage to the floor which has crushed some of the ridges I have decided to go with a 6mm plywood first stage glue to the van floor with strategically placed blobs of PU glue, then battens glued down with waterproof glue with insulation in the spaces, a layer of polystyrene backed Mylar to act as a vapour barrier (but mainly because I have a load left over from doing out living room) followed by a 12mm plywood final stage screwed to the battens.

Originally I had planned to use the the plywood across the floor as we did with the ceiling which would have taken four sheets of plywood and created a lot of waste material, however orienting the boards lengthwise means that I can use just three boards per layer with almost no waste.

As for the gas tank, it went in relatively easily, though I need to find a second 13mm spanner to lock off the strap nuts before we travel any distance.


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