Day 58: Floor Stage II

Tuesday 4 May 2010

This evening was spent making a start on the battening on the floor. Again I am going against the grain because of the crushed ridging in the floor. The common method for battening the floor seems to be to run the battens long the length of the floor in infill with nogging across the van.

However since I have one badly crushed rib this would cause a dip in the floor so I am running the battens across the van with nogging running down the length. The first battens to go in were along the edges, over the existing board joins and where the upper layer board joins will be.

In order to maximise the strength of the floor I am staggering the sheet material joins as much as I can both within the layer and between layers as a result the nogging does not necessarily all align with the floor ridges below.

My second case of FC-40 arrived today just as I used the last tube sticking the ply to the floor, hows that for good timing.


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