Day 60: Flooring Stage II Part 3

Thursday 6 May 2010

We reached a milestone today, we have had the van for 60 days, though I have only been working on it for the last 31 days. I'm actually quite surprised as it feels much longer. Anyway tonight was more of the same and tomorrow will be the same again; fitting battens to to the floor

I had misguidedly thought the front half of the van would be easier and quicker than the back. However I forgot to account for the need to build in a cable duct for the incoming mains cable and the internal mains and 12v DC circuits, and as I was doing the battening I also decided to have access panels for the water tank support fittings which complicated it even further. Thus the battening is going to take at least another night, but I still hope to have the floor completed before the weekend is over.

Another order went into ScrewFix today this time for screws to hold down the floor surface layer but mainly for a couple of hole saws; unfortunately I need sizes that aren't used at work and ScrewFix are substantially cheaper than Wickes even taking into account the delivery charges.


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