Day 62: Floor Stage II Part 5 and Electrical Hook-up

Saturday 8 May 2010

Rather than get started on the floor straight away, the first job of the day was to fit socket and wiring for the mains hook-up. This entailed cutting yet another hole in the side panel of the van, this time just behind the driver's door, In addition I needed to cut several 20mm holes to allow cables to be routed to and from the box under the passenger seats where the secondary powers system will be installed.

And so back to the floor, with the cable routing holes cut, primed and fitted with grommets, it was possible to fit the remaining battens. Once done it was on to the fitting the insulation. For what ever reason, I can't remember why, several years ago I bought some 18mm thick sheets of polystyrene, this has been stored in the garage ever since, but to day it was pressed into use to infill between the battens.

Unfortunately however, it looks as if I will be a sort of polystyrene and Wickes no longer sell 18mm sheet, so it looks like I will have to use 25mm sheet and try to thin it down to sit between the batens.


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