Day 63: Floor Stage III

Sunday 9 May 2010

The floor is now approaching completion,  surprisingly the polystyrene sheet did all but two of the sections in between the battens, and these I managed to fill with careful selection and assembly of the offcuts. The bulk of the day was then spent cutting the 12mm sheet to fit.

With everything fitting properly, the sheets were removed and the floor lined with Wickes' High Performance Underlay. This consists of a 3mm layer of polystyrene topped with mylar film and it is relatively expensive. I only used it because I had sufficient leftover from laying an oak floor in the house, but it is quite amazing stuff; once it was down on the battening it was actually warm to walk on. It also has the advantage that the mylar layer not only reflects the heat but acts as a vapour barrier.

Then it was back into the van with the plywood sheeting, which I will screw down during the week. Meantime before packing away, I ripped down a sheet of 9mm ply for the first of the wall lower sections.


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