Day 65: Gas - Fill points and pipes

Tuesday 11 May 2010

This evening was spent fitting the gas fill pipe and the filler point. I had originally wanted to put the fill point low down below the floor level of the van, however the Crafter has very large box sills thus fitting the filler would have necessitated opening a large hole on the inside. This would in turn have allowed water and debris into the sill possibly leading to corrosion.

As a result I have taken the fill pipe up through the floor of the van using a large cable gland and then located the filler in side of the van. Unfortunately the hole that I had cut in the flooring as I assembled it turned out to be in exactly the wrong place when I cut the hole through the steel floor, however nil desperandum, it will serve as a gas dropout for the area where the gas pipe will be boxed in. Anyway with careful drilling I was able to cut a new hole and fit the pipe as planned,

I also managed to cut the lower wall panel for the bed area, hopefully this will get fitted tomorrow.


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