Day 66: Wall Panel

Wednesday 12 May 2010

Having gone into work early today: one of the servers wouldn't restart after applying updates remotely, I had the afternoon to work on the van, and the evening sort out one or two kiting bits and pieces. First job was to apply some more insulation to the ribs the offside rear wall, I swear the solvent in the contact adhesive gives me a headache, then it was up with the first wall panel.

Since the FC-40 PU adhesive has no grab or hold, the panel needed propping to hold it in place. As a result any further work was somewhat impractical, though I did manage to start measuring up for box for the wheelarch and the gas fill pipe. I am in two minds as whether or not to combine the gas pipe box with the one for the wheelarch; in my mind I had planned on combining the two, but on inspection and having moved the location of the gas pipe they are a fair distance apart and I would be boxing off a large chuck of usable space, however I need to be able to access the gas pipe with a spanner once it is boxed in since the rubber pipes have a limited lifespan so the box need to be quite large meaning any space freed up by separating the boxes would be limited.

One thought is to make the boxed off space into a gas locker for our little gas cylinders, the ones we use for the baby Cadac and camping stove, particularly since it will have a gas drop out.


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