Day 68-70: First Trip Away - Suffolk Kite Festval 2010

Sunday 16 May 2010

Despite being way from finished, this weekend was our first weekend away in the van. So far we have skipped several kite festivals and meets either because of the weather or because I wanted to get work done on the van, but this weekend has been a definite for some time come rain or shine.  So was the weekend a success? Yes and no.

Firstly it was a success because we achieved what we were aiming for, namely to arrive and be able to fly, sleep and eat, pack away the kites and drive home without wasting half the weekend putting up and taking down tents.

What wasn't so great was the cold in itself this wasn't anything to do with the van, it was just damned cold tho I did discover that we hadn't fully closed the side door so it had a 10mm gap all the way around.

On Sunday with a change in the wind direction and a changing wind direction the towing ball proved useful as a mobile kite anchor,


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