Day 73: Measuring, trimming and designing

Wednesday 19 May 2010

This evening found me crawling under in and around our beds with a torch, a tape measure and my note book assessing the different consruction techniques and timber sizes,then reading up on recommendations on the timber sizes for beds on the SBMCC forum. Talk about overkill.

What recommendations there are on the forum are for 6"x2" rails with  4"x4" corner posts, our divan base is made from 2"x1" framing with 2"x2" corner blocks and is still going strong after nearly 20 years, Bon-bon's bed has 4"x1" rails, 2"x1" slats and 2"x2" corner posts and happily supports all three of us. I think I'll stick with what the bed manufacturers use.

Having sketched up my bed design, I'm using a combination of slatted bed for the bunk and a platform/divan box design for the base, it was back out the van to trim the partion template to match. Luckily I've be saving fittings from odd bits of furniture we have been getting rid of so I just need yet more timber  for the construction.


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