Day 74: Electrical System

Thursday 20 May 2010

My electrical control and distribution system turned up today and I was presently surprised. As you may recall I ordered it from Wildax Motorhomes e-bay store, and I was a little worried due to its low price however I need not have been as I actually received more than I expected.

The setup I received consists of the control panel, the 12v DC control and distribution unit, a 4 stage 16A battery charger, a 240V AC consumer unit with 25A RCD, a fresh and waste water tank probes and a 6m cable for linking the control panel and control unit. Additionally I got cables for both tank probes,a cable to link the charger to the control unit and a 240V AC splitter box plus all the connectors. This is one of the most complete systems I have seen listed anywhere and as well as being  one of the cheapest.

Thus the evening was spent installing the 240V AC consumer unit, the charger and the 12v DC control and distribution into one section of the front passenger seat box. I just now need to find my crimping tool so that I can wire up at least the 240V AC site of the system


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