Day 76: All in the preparation

Saturday 22 May 2010

Off to the timber merchant again, this time to get all the timber for the bed. My shopping list changed between going to bed last night and leaving this morning, mainly because I changed the bed design. One of my problems has been how to handle the section of the bed where it expands to full width as this will also be where people step up onto the bunk, suffice to say I had a brainwave in the night and ended up redesigning the double bed.

With all the wood for the bed bought, it was back home and on with the conversion. The first job was to cut and fit the offside rear upper wall, thanks to the previously prepared template the cutting was quick easy and painless. Even gluing it in was a dream, I had worried about holding the panel in and keeping tight to the van, however it ea such a perfect fit that when it popped in it actually held itself in place.

Next it was the partition; the first job was to create a master profile template using one of  my free sheets of 4mm MDF. Creating the profile template was done with great care as any flaws at this stage would be transferred to the final piece. Using the card template the outline was drawn on the MDF, this was the cleaned up using a ruler for the straight edges and a flexible piece of ply to get the curves. The straight edges were then cut using a ruler and a knife and the curves using a jigsaw to cut close to the line and an orbital sander to finish it off.

With the profile template finished the 15mm birch plywood sheet was rough cut around it using a jigsaw before clamping the two sheets together with spring clamps and routing the edge of the ply back to the profile template with a profiling bit.

My edging veneer arrived this morning, so I was able to veneer the exposed edge of the partition before lifting it in place where it is a perfect fit.


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