Day 77: Bed framing

Sunday 23 May 2010

The morning was spent cutting and shaping the main bed timbers, primarily the offside rear corner post which needs to sit tight to the wall but also accommodate the door restraint. Unfortunately when I came to get this timber down from the roof of the garage I found it to have split. I have had it about 7years, it was surplus from doing the kitchen, and was ideal for the corner post.
Unfortunately being Sunday the timber merchant was closed but without this main support which also acts a s a datum it was impossible to proceed so a trip was made to Wickes.

After a BBQ lunch (you can't waste good weather when you get it), it was on with preparing the bed frames, I am using a combination, screws and cross dowels and corner braces which I have saved from Ikea furniture we have disposed of, plus new wooden dowels. The top bunk frame is all but complete and all the parts are ready to start on the lower double bed.

One of the big problems is that everything is so interconnected that it makes it difficult to support pieces whilst trying to fit them and I nearly managed to topple the partition a couple of times.


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