Day 78: More bed construction

Monday 24 May 2010

The first job of the evening was to disassemble the weekends work as I needed to shift the partition out in order to drill the cross dowel screw and dowel holes in it for the bed rails closest to the wall which are too close to the wall to get the drill perpendicular to the partition. With the holes drilled glue was applied to the contact points on the partition before sliding it back into place.

A start was then made on screwing the partition in place. At this point I was able to stuff the wheel arch box with fibreglass insulation before screwing the top down. Then it was back to the partition and the addition of the strengthening battens designed to share some of the load passing down the partition from the upper bunk. Before screwing and gluing the outer edge of the battens was veneered with birch. The surface will eventually be covered with a ply sheet boxing in the whole frame.


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