Day 80: Finishing the upper bunk

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Note self: 'If I create a cutting list then I did it for good reason and I should follow it.'

For some unknown reason, when I started cutting the slats for the upper bunk yesterday instead of following my cutting list which shows 2 x upper bunk slats + 2 x lower bunk slats out of a 3.9m length of timber I cut a single length into 5 x upper bunk slats with a piece of waste, as a result I am now going to be short a slat on the lower bunk.

This morning I gave in and actually got up onto the upper bunk to test it out, on then premise that if it will take my weight it will certainly support Siobhan. I need not have worried, it was rock solid and didn't even creak and it will stiffen even more once the lower bunk is in place. So much for using 6" x 2" timbers.

Anyway I managed to complete the upper bunk this evening and made a start on the lower bunk, unfortunately rain curtailed the assembly. I need to cut a panel to cover in the upper bunk support frame on the partition and I need to do this outside since I cannot use the garage as it is full of plywood sheets, but unfortunately it started to rain so I had to forgo this job for tonight.


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