Day 79: Top bunk final assembly

Tuesday 25 May 2010

Having got all the preliminary work done over the last couple of days, tonight I started assembling the bed. Instead of using PVA glue, I have switched to polyurethane glue, in particular Joiner's Mate 5. This glue is meant to go off in just 5 minutes.

Like FC-40 it has little initial grab and the items need clamping, however unlike FC-40 instead of taking 24hours to set, it can be unclamped in just 5-10 minutes, which is both a help and a hindrance simply because you have little time to get items screwed together.

The main rails of the upper bunk are now screwed and glued in place and the slat support rails have been attached inside these. I even had time to start cutting and adding the slats themselves. Hopefully tomorrow with all the glue set and the slats added I shall be able to test the weight bearing capacity, though maybe not until I have at least the rails of the bottom bunk in place thus improved the rigidity of the construction.


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