Day 81: Lower bunk rails

Thursday 27 May 2010

Having finished the upper bunk last night, this evening I started gluing and screwing the lower bunk together. However before putting the rails in place and before it rained, I got the the upper bunk support frame cover prepared.

It was then a straight run through till 22:00 gluing and screwing the side rails together and gluing and pinning the panel in place.

Whilst the basic design and construction of the upper and lower bunks is the same, they differ in one major detail. On the upper bunk the slats are set low in the rails so that the mattress sits down inside the rails for safety and security reasons. Whereas on the lower bunk the slats are flush with the top of the rails so that the mattress can sit on top since it will extend out beyond the frame at the side to bring the bed width out to 1.2m at the partition end and at the door end out flush to the doors bringing the length to almost 2m.


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