Day 83: Finishing the beds

Saturday 29 May 2010

A quick trip to the timber merchants this morning before doing the weekly shop and the arrival of the rain, where I picked up some PSE and ordered a couple more sheets of 3mm birch faced ply. Having got back from shopping the first job of the day was to trim back the laminated piece I assembled last night using the trimming bit in the router.

Next it was the extension piece for the foot of the bed; this was done using done using a card template, transferred to an MDF profile template which was used to guide the trimming router to profile the plywood. Prior to fitting the exposed edges of all the plywood pieces were veneered.

Then it was onto the slats, the ones that I was short of were cut and then the complete set were screwed down. In fitting the slats I incorporated a hatch to allow access to the gas fill hose.


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