Day 84-85: Detailed Seating and Kitchen Designs

Monday 31 May 2010

It being the last bank holiday weekend in May I am suffering from my annual cold which I always seem to get at this time of year, though last year I swear I had swine flu. Not feeling up to much physical work I have still managed to spend the last couple of days productively researching and drawing detailed designs for the kitchen and setting area.
 Out has gone the plan to have a 3-way fridge and instead we are going for a Shoreline 12/24v DC fridge and a bigger leisure battery bank. Having sourced all the fridge manuals I cannot get the vents in for a 3-way fridge in the right place without some serious cutting and strengthening work being done on the structural ribs in the van. Even the the Dometic RM123 which used to just need the exhaust vented out sided (our neighbour's VW Transporter conversion has this setup) now needs full top and bottom vents.

The only thing I haven't been able to finalise is the actual position of the hob, we are going for a Spinflo 3-burner corner hob with glass lid but I just cannot find detailed drawings online. The main issue is the size and angle of the lid when it is up so that I can accommodate the curvature when positioning it. I just have a feeling that the positioning is going to have to be done empirically so the cabinet has been design with an open 'L' shape at the top.


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