Day 100: The First One Hundred Days

Tuesday 15 June 2010

Another major milestone today, we have now had the van for 100 days, though according to my calculations I have only actually worked on it for 63 days out of that 100 and done about 235 hours work. Somewhere I read or I was told that commercial conversions take about 400 man hours, so my progress is pretty fair even if I do say so myself.

This evening was spent pressing on with the framing for the bench seating, however I have now it the point where I have run out of 50x25mm PSE timber so I need to make a trip to the timber yard again tomorrow. Still the basic frame is in and we can now get an idea of the amount of seating and storage space we have.

I feel another trip to Ikea coming on in order to pick up another mattress this time to chop up for the seating. I have also been hunting around for upholstery fabric to trim the bench seats, I would like to match the cab seats, but Leng doesn't want to, however I have found a supplier who does the VW Inka fabric at £20 per metre, and by my calculations we only need about 2 metres if we only cover the visible surfaces with the Inka fabric and use something different on the other surfaces.

Meantime there are some dumb people who use E-Bay, I have been bidding on a toilet for the van; 18months old but still boxed and un-used (an aborted motorhome conversion project). I stuck my maximum bid in a couple of days ago and watched the culmination of the auction on screen this afternoon. In the end the toilet went for more than you can buy a brand spanking new one for as a 'Buy it now' item on e-bay, which is again more than I can buy one on-line from a local boat chandlers. The sellers must be laughing all the way to the bank.


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