Day 102: More expenditure

Thursday 17 June 2010

Well we made the decision this morning and ordered a SMEV sink and hob combination unit. The original plan was for a 3-burner hob and separate sink, instead we have gone for a 2-burner hob and sink combination which includes a mixer tap giving us about a £100 saving. Which I then promptly spent on gas pipe and fittings, and the hinges for the benches.

I have ordered 25m coil of coated copper pipe which is way more than I need but at about £1 per metre it is significantly cheaper than buying by the metre from one of the motorhome/caravan parts companies and anyway I should be able to sell on what I don't use. All I need now are some P-clips to secure the pipe but untill it arrives I don't what size clips to buy, the pipe is 8mm but I have no idea how thick the coating is.

Anyway after this mornings spending spree, this evening was spent first clearing off all the excess glue from the bench frame where it had foamed out from the joints. Then I made a start on facing the frame with ply.


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