Day 104: A bench top

Saturday 19 June 2010

Luckily were were running late this morning, mainly because went to the barber's first thing and on my return set to and planed 3mm off the bottom of the living room floor (for some reason it has started rubbing on the new oak floor), thus it was that we were in when the postman called to deliver the parcel containing the bench hinges rather than being out doing the weekly shop.

Having done the shopping, the first job of the day was to fit corner and scotia trim to the external and internal corners of the bench seat. Then it was on with the first of the two opening bench tops. These are being consturucted from 18mm x 44mm (finished size) PSE timber which forms a frame that is topped with 3mm far eastern hardwood ply.

Whilst the top was drying I fitted the hinges, to my surprise the went in quite easily as I was able to get dimensioned installation drawings of the internet, since none are supplied with the hinges.

I think I may have gone overboard buying the 12kg hinges as the counterbalance springs are powerful enough not to allow the lid to stay closed (hence the door stops in the second photo) but hopefully this will not be a problem once we have cushions.


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