Day 105: Seating - Finished

Sunday 20 June 2010

With the first bench top finished yesterday, this morning was spent completing the second bench top and fitting the fixed sections behind the opening lids. By switching between the two different jobs and using the PU wood glue, I was able to get both done by lunchtime.

In addition to finishing the second bench top, I also fitted some supplementary support bars to the first top. Having sat on it earlier on to test it out I discovered the was too much give in the 3mm ply surface which potentially would have lead it failing sooner rather than later. Adding three additional bars has stiffened it up sufficiently.
After lunch it was simply a case of fitting the locking screws in the hinges to stop the tops sliding out before sweeping out the bench boxes and the van in general. The rest of the afternoon was then spent vegging out watching film noir on TV, after all it is father's dayf sanding down all the edges to bring the ply flush with frames and then


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