Day 109: Wiring

Thursday 24 June 2010

My order from Vehicle Wiring Products arrived today, and I also found my box of crimps and crimp tool in the garage. So this evening I made a start on the wiring. The first job was to make the cables up to tap into the the cigarette lighter.
Then it was onto the battery cables, these ended up being cut with a junior hacksaw as even my ratchet wire cutters just mauled the cable. Unfortunately I seem to have managed to get my order swapped around and I have got two too many 8mm ring terminals and two too few 6mm ring terminals, so I'll have to make a trip to  halfords to see if they have any 16mm2 6mm ring terminals though 5mm terminals would be better. Having tried, I've found that soldering does not work on these terminals and we don't have a crimp tool at work, though I still have to check with our electrician to see if he has his own tool, otherwise I'll have to try a garage to see if they can crimp them for me.


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