Day 110: More wiring

Friday 25 June 2010

Up with the lark today, I just wish the larks wouldn't get up so early. With a couple of hours till breakfast I decided to look at running in some cable into the back of the van. the first job was to remove the cable ducting from the side wall, this was fairly straight forward since it just clips in at the back and has half a dozen nuts over the door.

Then it was into the cab to remove the nearside door pillar trim and sun visor and shelf, armed with my workshop service manual, these proved straight froward to remove, though how I would have worked out how to do it had I not had the manual I have no idea since there are some quite well hidden screws to remove.

With open access to the cable route I started running in wire, unfortunately where I thought 2 x 30m reel of 2mm2 cable would be more than enough, it turns out that it is only sufficient to do half the lighting and the run to the toilet. I think I must have overlooked the nearly 2m for each run that you need to get from ceiling to floor. Thus I ended up placing another order for cable, however it did mean I could include the battery ring terminals that I am short off and the adhesive heat shrink that I thought I had but we cannot find. I also managed to track down a relatively cheap hydraulic crimping tool on e-bay which at £30 is still a lot of money when you think I only need it for 10 crimps. However my luck has turned for when I spoke to our electrician at work, he has one which I am welcome to borrow, but that will be a job for next week.

This evening was spent wiring the 240v AC side of the CBE system which I have completed all bar one 3-core cable which is intended for the fridge.


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