Day 111: Yet more wiring

Saturday 26 June 2010

I am highly impressed by Vehicle Wiring Products, twice now I have ordered one day and had the items delivered the next. Along with my cable I also received my pipe bender so we are all set for the week. We made a quick trip to Amber Leisure this morning to have a look a lights, batteries and 240v Sockets.

The sockets were nice but I don't like the coffee brown colour, we have decided in light fittings but I can get them about £8 cheaper on each light, and the same with the batteries. It was then a trip to B&Q where we picked up some nice white sockets which look identical to the caravan ones but were a third the price, stainless steel self tapping screws for the gas pipe p-clips, and various other bits and pieces for the van and the house.

It was then home and on with the wiring. I managed to complete the 240v wiring, and the run in the ceiling light wiring (which I have yet to terminate), which enabled me to get all the trim back in place. The kitchen wiring proved more problematic as one of my pull throughs jammed, we ended up using one of the pre-installed 249v mains cables to pull through all but one of the 12v cables and a new pull through, however we are having problems getting the the 240v and the additional 12v line back through the underfloor duct. We ended up calling it a day at 18:00 as it was the final episode of the current series of Dr Who. Hopefuuly things will go better tomorrow


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