Day 112: Yet more wiring and gas pipes

Sunday 27 June 2010

Its just too hot, and I was up at 5:00am, and took advantage of the fact that the sun was not yet on the front of the house to get a second coat of woodstain on the front door (Leng started on it yesterday), I then had a another go at pulling trough the wires, unfortunately the string jammed again. Thus we had to ditch the string pull through and use one of the wires to pull through the others from the kitchen into the cab, for some reason pulling the other way jams. This entailed cutting the plug of the mains cable, unfortunately I don't have an extraction for the plug, but luckily I do have a number of spares.

With the cables in and the time only having reached 9:00am I got the third and final coat on the front door. The rest of the morining was spent terminating all the wires in the cab. It just requires the battery cables and the batteries and the supply side is done.

After a BBQ lunch I made a start on the gas pipework, after having had a couple of practice bends using the pipe bender and my sleeved pipe, I made up and installed the first section of pipe running from the regulator the the solenoid valve.


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