Day 113: Gas pipe

Monday 28 June 2010

Another hot day, but working in the evenings after my meal it means that it has cooled down a bit, and it is even cooler under the van where this evening was spent. There is an amazing amount of room of room under the van, its just getting under the sills which is a pain, so I ran the van up onto blocks of wood to make life easier.

However straightening the copper off the coil and then bending to fit within the frame proved harder than expected, particularly weaving it and out of the existing brake pipes and wiring harness. All that said I have now completed the gas pipework under the van, I just have a couple of fittings that need tightening, but these can wait for the solenoid power cable which will be going back the otherway as soon as I have drilled the hole in the floor for the gland.


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