Day 86: Mattresses

Tuesday 1 June 2010

With a day off work, we made a trip to Ikea primarily to buy mattresses for the bunks, though we did come across some storage bins which are sold for use in their wardrobes but have a potential application for storing and separating clothing under the seating, thus having spent the weekend detailing the design for the seats, I now need to revisit it in order to make best use of these bins.
The mattresses are foam ones with fully removable covers which is ideal since they need to be modified to fit the van. Choosing the easiest(?) conversion first I set to and did the single bunk mattress. Stripping off the cover was easy since it is made of two separate pieces joined by a zip, as was cutting the foam down to size with a very sharp knife.

Trimming the covers was straight forward though time consuming since the zips needed to be removed however reassembly proved more prblematic and took several attempts. The major issue was the zip halves going back on unevenly, I think I have the technique sorted out so the double mattress should be far easier, even though the shape is quite complex.


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