Day 87: Mattresses and Bed Linen

Wednesday 2 June 2010

Armed with the Tesco vouchers we have accrued as a result of all the Van expenditure on the credit card and her usual skill for finding a bargain, Leng purchased the bed linens for the van, along with the spare duvets and pillows we have I just need to finish the second mattress and we are all set for our next trip in the van.

Despite it being great weather to work on the van, I'm still feeling off from this rotten cold, plus the next job is to install the second partition and when I do I wont be able to get 2440x1220 sheet materials on the floor anymore and I am awaiting on a phonecall from the Timber Yard to say my birched faced ply is in thus it was on with the second mattress.

Cutting the foam was straight  forward but time consuming due the complexity of the shape, stripping the zip off the covers was just time consuming. Working on the covers will be time consuming due to their complexity particularly because of the internal corners which will need inserts rather than the simple tucks used on the external corners.

If I remember correctly Lathams deliver to North Herts Timber on a Thursday, so unless their schedule has changed due the bank holiday I should get my phonecall tomorrow.


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