Day 88: Guided Tours

Thursday 3 June 2010

The Timber Yard rang at about 11:00am to say my faced plywood had arrived, I was fully expecting the call since I has seen the Lathams lorry turn around using the junction just down the road from work. Thus at lunchtime I collected the van from home and returned to pick up the timber. Having paid for the ply and a couple of additional tubes of PU wood glue, I went out and opened up the van before retruning to help carry the ply out.

In compliance with Murphy's law my three sheets where at the bottom of a 400mm stack of various sheets. Having drooled over the Oak and Cherry veneered material only find it to be MDF, we finally extracted my sheets and got them carried out to van to find a group of customers and timber yard employees hovering around the open side door.

Having deposited the timber a guided tour was given (I should charge for these) and having gloried in all the positive comments made my way home before walking back to work.

The evening was spent completing the modifications to the lower mattress; my technique worked for although I spent the whole evening reworking the mattress covers I didn't need to rework them at all today and we now have beds that we can sleep on.


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