Day 90: Progress

Saturday 5 June 2010

After a days rest, and the best part of a week working on the mattresses, little seems to have progressed on the van, still it was back to working on it today. First job of the day was to dig out the main partition profile template and modify it for use as a profile template for the second partition. The large hole in the rear corner is for a panel which will give access to the water pump etc.

With the template modified, it was on to shunting around  plywood sheets in order the get the new sheets stacked in the right order for use and tho extract the last sheet of 15mm. Unfortunately when we finally got the sheet out and were deciding on the front face we found one side to be damaged in a number of places. Luckily by careful placement of the template I was able to miss all but one piece of damage and to have that hidden inside one of the kitchen cabinets.

About halfway through routing out the partition the bearing in my profiling bit decided to explode, luckily I had finished the front edge. The back edge was then finished using a jigsaw and my profile and orbital sanders. The edge isn't as good as if it been routed but it is passable.

With the partition cut it was put in place to confirm the fit. Then it was on to cutting out the first part of the half bulkhead which will sit behind the front seats and form the back rest of part bench seat.


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