Day 91: A Leak

Sunday 6 June 2010

It was all going so well, working through the day first the frame was adhered to the bulkhead panel, and then the second skin was attached. I even got as far as trimming and sanding the edges and was half way through edge veneering the exposed side when the heavens opened. Luckily I has spotted the clouds approaching so everything had been packed away and the bulkhead was moved into the kitchen before the rain really started to fall.

Being made of 3mm ply skins either side of a 50mm x 25mm PSE frame the bulkhead is very light but very stiff.  Anyway whilst the thunderstorm went overhead and the rain bucketed down I got on with veneering the exposed edges.

With the storm passed and the bulkhead complete, I moved it out into the van. Disaster!. Though we have had rain before, there was a puddle on the floor and a wet patch on the ceiling in the corner of the rooflight. It seems we have a leak, unfortunately I have run out of non-setting bedding mastic so I can't go up and fix it straight away, but at least I didn't glue the rooflight in with PU glue like so many other self builders and I shall be able to take it out.

I shall make a quick trip to Amber Leisure in Hitchin tomorrow and see if they have any bedding mastic in a tube rather than ribbon. I know that if they have any it will be expensive but hopefully it will be less expensive than the postage for ordering just a single tube.


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